Unity Maze Game

Creating a Maze Game in Unity

I used Unity to create a maze on an abandoned alien planet for the player to navigate to find the missing ship piece. The maze has multiple camera angles, one attached to the player and one with a birds eye view of the maze for the player to use as a map. As well as this there are many obstacles in the form of spikes, crates and fires that would harm the player and send them back to their last checkpoint. I implemented a key card system that means the player needs to collect a key and insert it into a computer terminal to open doors along the way. All of the maze elements have been created using C#. Once at the center of the maze the player can collect the item they need in order to return to, and fix, their spaceship to end the game.

In order to make sure that I had considered every element of the game I created a  specification before starting to build, and documented the key points and features.

To download this game click here.


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