Mobile game development

I used Android Studio to create interactive applications for mobile using Java as well as a guide on how to get started with developing for Android. I developed applications that would record sound and video, respond to touch gestures and eventually used Unity to develop a mobile game.

I started by creating a specification of what would need to be included in the game. I then designed an island terrain on paper and re-created it in Unity.

I created a scenario where the player needs to drive a vehicle using the GUI to accelerate and brake, and the phones gyroscope to turn by tilting the phone, and jump across to another part of the island, collect rockets, and clear a blocked bridge to rescue a kidnapped scientist. Using C# I created scripts for all of the interactive elements and made start, and and game over screens.

Click here to read the report on the key points and features.

To download the game APK file click here.


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