Creative Technology Project

For my final year creative technology project I was able to incorporate my passion for storytelling, digital technologies and user centered design. I developed a writing organisation web application to help writers manage their creative writing projects. I used a range of iterative, qualitative research methods including design probes, auto-ethnographic interviews and researching through practice to better understand creative writing processes. This ensured I grounded my final design in the insights developed from considering my own and other individuals creative writing processes.

Final prototype video

To read about the process I went through to research, design and develop this prototype please click here to visit my documentation blog.



Internet of Things

I created a fully responsive website to showcase the development of an Internet of Things (IoT) project called Tulip. The device is designed to plug into a plants soil, take readings of the plants vitals, and send this information to the user via an app on their smart phone.

I had to design the website before I knew what IoT device I would be creating, so I needed to make sure to take into account the information I would eventually need to include. I built the website from scratch using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and made sure to use media queries to have it respond to various screen sizes.

I conducted research into competitors, pitched the device to my peers using Prezi, developed a prototype of the device using an Arduino, and created a short video in Premier Pro to document the process.

To view all of this work on my live website please click here.

Film Festival Website

Creating a responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax and PHP

I created a horror science fiction film festival that I called Terror Incognita, and then developed a website to advertise it. I used Foundation as it offers a modular and responsive framework for me to build my website with. I stored all of my information in a database and dynamically pulled in all of my content using PHP and Javascript. I used Ajax to create hover overs to provide the user with more information.